Please follow our advice below to help ensure the safety and security of all the Marina users.


Please make sure that all belongings are well stored on your craft before leaving the docking area. The Association nor the Town will take responsibility for stolen property.

General Safety

Life buoys are provided in specific areas for personal safety, but all user should understand that the use of the Pointe Beach is at one’s own risk.

Boaters are asked to be on the watch for a waterline which crosses to the fish plant at the entry to the inner harbour and to the pond. This pipeline has been known to float on occasion and this poses a serious threat to boats…both large and small. The pipe line has been fouled on a number of occasions and all boaters are urged to  be on constant watch for this hazard,

Speed Limits

Please observe safe speed limits on the Beach.

Also, proper speeds are expected when entering and leaving the pond. IDLE SPEED ONLY IS TO BE USED WHEN USING THE ENTRY CHANNEL AND MOVING THROUGH THE POND. This rule will be strictly enforced and offenders will be dealt with by the Association. Remember, the captain or operator of any craft doing damage to other craft is responsible under the law and is liable.


Pontoon Safety – Adverse Weather